Losing it

It’s been a while since I’ve written because I’ve lost the discipline to make myself do productive things over the past couple weeks.  Mostly when it comes to academics.  I’ve actually successfully reached a big goal last Friday: jogging 3 miles without stopping.  I’m a person that’s always hated running but I’ve gotten really into it, and I’ve been improving!  I plan to keep going as far as I can.  My original intention was to train for a 5k, but I want to go further.  I got a training plan off of runnersworld.com to help me continue.  I was using a plan from Self magazine and now that I’ve conquered that, on to another one!  I want to add one more mile in the next few weeks.

Another distractor is one of my new interests, book crafts.  I took my first class last Thursday and loved it.  I’m really psyched and have been formulating and starting projects on my own.  And naturally making books is more tempting than reading textbooks.

I’ve neglected a lot of things.  I haven’t really prepared for my Spanish presentation and I don’t even feel a strong need to.  I’m apathetic, which is not a good thing.  I’ve also let my Math class fall behind.  I didn’t even go take the quiz last Thursday.  I get burned out very quickly on my reading–struggled in finishing Moll Flanders and I’m still technically not done since I have to read some stuff in the Appendix.  Wasn’t a huge fan of the collection of poetry I had to read for Latino lit.  I have to get my act together because the first round of papers is coming up soon.  I just have to get myself motivated.

On another note, I really really really miss cooking.  I’m tired of mac-n-cheese and ramen.  But I’ve spent so much money this month that my next paycheck, like the last one, is going into getting things equalized.  That’s another thing I gotta get straight.  A budget.  It’s not that bad but I know I can manage my money better and actually put some away in savings.  Then I can buy cooking supplies and make some homemade Cuban food away from home.  Yum!  :D

Whew, sorry for the mini-vent.  I don’t like making blog posts not related to the topic or posts that are too serious, whiny, or depressing, but sometimes you gotta get it out.  I think I’m gonna make a todo list then play with some paper and paint. :)


My war with Rand continues…


Thank you for writing. There have been many variations of the Cuban and this particular one is our variation. It also happens to be our most popular sandwich at Chef James Bistro. If we change the name now it might confuse our customers who regularly get that sandwich.

We appreciate your feedback.



“Variation”? I’m pretty sure taking out one of the essential parts of a Cuban sandwich makes it…um…not a Cuban sandwich. (You can’t have a Cuban sandwich without pork!!!) These poor customers are already confused. However, I really admire Julie’s diplomacy in spite of her culinary ignorance. I understand that since she works for the man she has no power, so I forgive her. However, that doesn’t save her from another snarky letter:

Ah, I see. I sincerely apologize for wasting your time. It didn’t occur to me that dining wasn’t aiming for authenticity. I suppose the lack of inspiration in your “variation” is what fooled me. However, if my misinformed peers are willing to eat in ignorance and perpetuate American bastardization of ethnic cuisine, so be it. I suppose I must take my activism elsewhere.
Thank you for your consideration.

A Letter to Rand Dining

Dear Rand,

I appreciate that you have tried to placate the neglected upperclassmen with the Commons-esque Chef James Bistro and have tried to diversify our options with gourmet, lesser known culinary treats.  (Although I’m not sure if I can ever forgive you for destroying Stonehenge.)  I was pleasantly surprised that as one of your grab-and-go items you had a Cuban sandwich.  Imagine my delight that one of the delicious iconic foods of my culture was being distributed for the enjoyment of my peers.  Now…imagine my horror when I read the ingredients and found that it was nothing more that a glorified turkey sandwich with pickles.  Let us review your ingredient list: turkey, ham, salami, swiss, mustard, mayonnaise, pickles, french bread.  Now let us review the ingredients of an AUTHENTIC Cuban sandwich:  seasoned PORK, ham, swiss, mustard, pickles, and AUTHENTIC CUBAN BREAD.  I can forgive you for the salami; some sandwiches do, in fact, include it.  However, you CANNOT have a Cuban sandwich without PORK, and they are NEVER made with turkey or mayonnaise.  You cannot simply make a food exotic and gourmet by giving it a label that it fails to represent.  I hope you will correct this grievous misrepresentation or change the name of your sandwich.

If you need additional assistance in making Cuban sandwiches, this is a very helpful link:  http://icuban.com/food/cuban_sandwich.html

Thank you for your time,
A concerned, somewhat insulted Cuban gourmand


I sent them a more concise letter, but equally informative.  It pains me to see people grabbing that sandwich during the lunch rush.  I want to tackle them in slo-mo going, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”  It is, however, a reminder that I need to go have an authentic Cuban sandwich VERY soon.  I’ve got major cravings.  I’ll see if I can stop by Back to Cuba Cafe this week.