Art Crawl Dallas – Food from Trucks

I’m sitting in my pajamas in my parents’ home watching Much Ado About Nothing…and it still hasn’t quite hit me that I have a week of vacation.  I flew into Tennessee yesterday morning and the Nashville skyline with its familiar “Batman” building made me smile…and also made me realize that everything really is bigger in Texas.

I spent my last night in Dallas at the Arts Crawl downtown, which was in convenient walking distance from my apartment.  Food trucks lined Flora St, vendors sold their wares, and music pounded from a DJ in a truck selling tongue-in-cheek t-shirts.  One was printed with The Price Is Right logo but restyled with “The Swag Is Right.”

Food trucks are growing more and more popular in Dallas, and I love the concept.  My roomie and I decided to hit ssahm BBQ, a food truck that sells gourmet Korean tacos.  She got two tacos, but I decided to try their kimchee fries–french fries smothered in jack & cheddar cheese, cilantro, onion, caramelized kimchee, and spicy mayo.  It was an absolutely delicious kick in the mouth.  Right now I’m wishing they could take a roadtrip to Tennessee and park in front of my parents’ house.

We waited a while for our food since it was the most popular truck, but there was plenty of people watching to be done.  Everyone was out in their artsy best, especially with the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit just down the road at the Dallas Museum of Art’s Late Night at the Museum event.  There were young families corralling their kids, couples of all orientations having their date night, art kids being art kids, etc.

We got to the Art Crawl late so I don’t know how much we missed, but we were able to browse some of the remaining vendors besides the previously mentioned t-shirt company.  One was laalicia who sells really neat recycled accessories; another artist sold really cool jewelry made from guitar strings (I’ll have to find her name because I really liked her stuff.)  Another was The Vintage Mobile, which sells vintage clothes out of a repurposed school bus.

I was feeling kind of sick that night but I’m so glad I went out.  This thoughtcatalog post I read earlier that day was in the back of my mind.  I’m young.  I need to get out.  And while currently I’m a little bummed because I’ve come to the conclusion that grad school will have to wait another year, I’m looking on the bright side.  I can still collect experiences and learn.  Oh, and eat excellent food from trucks.


Wait for me

I spent most of the day last Saturday with two of my favorite chicas scoping out vintage clothes stores in Brooklyn.  I love the artsiness of some places in Brooklyn; you can see art just walking down the street.  Here are a couple of things that caught my eye…


This was actually on the wall of a little bookstore.
This was actually on the wall of a little bookstore.


Kat Von D in Nashville!!!

I. met. Kat von D.  And it was AWESOME!  She had a book signing today here in Nashville for her new book, High Voltage Tattoo.  She is just as gorgeous in person and so down-to-earth and nice.  I never thought I was the type to geek out over a celebrity, even one that I really liked, but as the line moved on, I started freaking out.  My hands were shaking so much I couldn’t get a picture that wasn’t blurry (that and my camera is old and shitty.)  I’m getting giddy all over again thinking about it.  I shook Kat Von D’s hand.  I talked to Kat Von D.  Some people don’t know that Kat is actually a Latina, born in Mexico to Argentinian parents with a German and Italian heritage.  I admire her because she’s a more alternative role model; she rocks her carreer and lives life to the max with no apologies.  And she still stays grounded.  I want to be able to say that about myself someday.  The variety of people who came to the signing was so interesting: old, young, tattooed, not-tattooed, alternative, preppy, etc.  I guess anyone can recognize what an amazing person she is.  Here are two pics:

Kat Von D signing books
Kat Von D signing books
This is what she signed in my book.  I told her I was a Latina too!
This is what she signed in my book. I told her I was a Latina too!

Life is good.  No, life is great.