culinary: [kuhl-uh-ner-ee] adj.  Of, pertaining to, or used in cooking or the kitchen.

grammar: [gram-er] n.  The elements of any science, art, or subject.

About the Blog

Culinary Grammar originally started under the name Cuban Cracker one college summer break six years ago as a mission to teach myself to cook the delicious Cuban food I grew up eating but had never appreciated (sorry, Mom!) As a result of that project, I fell in love with cooking and its deep connection to culture and stories.  This blog is now devoted to the exploration and celebration of that connection through writing.  You’ll find stories, essays, recipes, and reviews, but overall, an appreciation for my favorite elements of life: food, culture, language, and life. Given my vegetarianism, you can expect a lot of vegetarian & vegan recipes, and my sweet tooth is guaranteed to inspire plenty of dessert-devoted posts. And of course, my Cuban heritage, Southern childhood, and love of all kinds of cuisine are sure to mix it up. I hope you will find inspiration and joy.

About Me

My name is Steph. I’m a cubana vegetariana, as well as dog-mom to an adorable greyhound named Dreamer. I grew up in Tennessee but now live in Chicago, even in the winter. By day I work for an education non-profit. By night I’m reading, cooking, writing, watching a favorite show, teaching myself graphic design, or dreaming up entrepreneurial ventures.

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