Cafe con Leche was awesome. After-party, amazing.

That’s all I really have to say.  : )


Quick Update – Latin Dance Show! and a disturbing student group against it pops up on campus

No time really for a real post.  Why?  Rehearsing for Cafe con Leche has consumed my free time.  Cafe con Leche is Vandy’s annual Latin dance show; I was was roped into dancing salsa in it over spring break, which I am excited/nervous about.  The show is this tomorrow at 7 in Langford Auditorium, so buy your tickets for $7 at Sarratt!

A new, disturbing development on campus is the appearance of a student group called Youth for Western Civilization, a group against multiculturalism and immigration and for “100% assimilation” and protecting “American culture”.  I participated this past Monday in a protest of an anti-immigrant speaker they brought to campus, although my protesting was more aimed at the ideals of the group itself, which are based in bigotry, ignorance, and a misguided, unrealistic philosophy of culture and politics.  It’s frankly disgusting.  I wish I could write more about my opinions on this issue, but like I said, time crunch—and I will get angry all over again.  Rumor has it they may protest Cafe con Leche, which is ridiculous because first of all it is not a political event.  We protested a political lecture, not a dance show that is meant to be inclusive, welcoming, and entertaining.  All sorts of ethnicities participate in it, and we all consider ourselves American as well.  One of their beliefs is that cultural groups on campus are divisive, while theirs seeks inclusivity, but it is, in fact and obviously, the complete opposite.  Assimilation is not inclusivity–it is a fascist rejection of other cultures and tyrannical imposition of one culture/idea onto another.  Oh, so many things I can say but I have to go to rehearsal, so…

Here are a couple articles from the Vandy newspaper + a good opinion piece by Soo Yang, a student here:

Homemade Tortilla Chips

tortilla chips

Since I’m eating healthier these days, I wanted to find a healthier version of tortilla chips.  One of my favorite snacks is chips and salsa–I used to go through a bag of Santitas in a flash.  I looked up how to make them and it’s really easy.  First, you spray or brush the tortillas lightly with butter or olive oil.  I used whole wheat tortillas to make it healthier, and it also made it the chips slightly sweeter.  Cut them into eighths.  Then I sprinkled just a little salt.  I’ve read of people using paprika or cumin.  I added some pepper to mine.  You can totally eliminate the salt to make it even healthier.  Then you put them on a baking sheet in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes.  You have to watch carefully so they don’t burn.  They’re easy and tasty, and the whole wheat makes it healthier.  I’ve already eaten all the ones I’ve made, so I’ll definitely make it again!

Heretical Dining

Yesterday, I did something blasphemous to my culture and my own morals…I ate an inauthentic Cuban sandwich. Dun dun DUUUUN. Those of you who may have read my previous posts or notes on Facebook know of my war with Rand over their “Cuban sandwich” in Chef James Bistro. I don’t know what possessed me to get it (on meal plan of course–not wasting meal money on that), probably just a sick curiosity.  Here’s a refresher course on what a Cuban sandwich is, and what they think it is:

An Authentic Cuban Sandwich: authentic Cuban bread, seasoned PORK, ham, sometimes salami, swiss, pickles, mustard, NEVER mayonnaise, NEVER turkey

Their Cuban Sandwich: french bread, turkey, ham, salami, swiss, pickles, mustard, mayonnaise.

As you can see, their sandwich is highly inauthentic.  I took the sandwich to a nice patch of sun outside the dining hall, unwrapped the unweildly plastic wrap, and took a bite.   To put it concisely, it was horrible.  Cuban sandwiches don’t have mayonnaise, but this sandwich had too much mayonnaise for ANY type of sandwich.  If I wanted that much mayonnaise, I’d pop open a fresh jar and grab a spoon.  There was no hint, at all, in the flavor that it was meant to be a Cuban sandwich.  It was pathetic.  Cuban sandwiches have a distinct flavor, and a turkey sandwich with pickles is not going to come even close.  I gave you another chance Rand dining, and you FAILED, again.  Our relationship will never be the same.

This just in: Mother Nature is a harlot

Mother Nature
Add Glitter to Pictures

Mother Nature has decided that she truly hates Nashville.  She’s teased us a few times with warm, breezy weather, even allowing some flowers to bloom and trees to sprout fresh leaves to lull us into a false Spring giddiness.  And then today happens.  Sleet.  Rain.  All day.  Cold.  Wet.  Icy.  That bitch got Jack Frost to shit all over my day.  Whore.

It’s not just the weather, however, that has got me in a funk.  I received some very disappointing news today.  I got into Vanderbilt’s summer study abroad program for Madrid, BUT I got rejected for the grant I applied to.   Unless $8000 falls into my lap in the next week, I can’t go.  I found out that I got into the program last night by email, but seeing nothing about the grant, I stopped by the office today on my way to the gym.  Mousy Lady told me that those who received the grant have already been notified.  I said ok, and left the office in disbelief and disappointment.  Disbelief because I really thought I had a shot, that I just might make it, and the disappointment is self-explanatory.

I sweated through 4 miles at the gym trying to run it out of my system.  I’ve made an appointment with an adviser to talk about any options I may have.  Honestly, I think I’ve almost reconciled myself to the fact that my dream trip to Spain will have to wait a little longer.  I don’t want to just visit Spain; I want to live there for a while.  So I think after graduation I may try to enter one of those teaching programs abroad.  That will be more feesible since I won’t have to pay a tuition (instead be paid a stipend.)  I promised myself I WOULD NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES spend another summer in Columbia, so now I’m going to turn my attention to internships in NYC.  I’m not going to, ahem, fail at life, live with my parents, and work in a crappy restaurant in Columbia until I get an ugly girl pregnant, marry her, and hopefully hang myself.  Oh. Wait.  I’m thinking of somebody else’s future… I think I’ve made myself feel better already…Keepin’ it positive!