My Relationship with Pumpkin Butter

It’s halfway through October, which means that I have gotten through a quarter of the school year (only 3/4 to go!), and grocery stores are teeming with fall goodies for me to obsess over.

My current fall obsession: pumpkin butter.   I’ve gone through almost two jars already this month.  It’s autumn in a smooth wonderfully spiced puree.  I had forgotten how delicious it could be, but one tiny little spoonful at a Central Market sample table was all it took to fall back in love.
The affair started out innocently enough; I would spread it on pumpernickel bread with a little goat cheese sprinkled on top for an occasional afternoon delight. We moved into more serious territory as we began having breakfast together almost every day: a pumpkin parfait to get my day started off right.  Then it got straight-up experimental: pumpkin black bean chili with a sweet and spicy kick that left me craving more.
Now, uncomfortable metaphors aside, pumpkin butter really is delicious and our relationship is nonexclusive so I don’t feel guilty recommending it to others.  (Ok, ok, I’m done now.)
The pumpkin parfait is an especially easy way to get that fall flavor in a healthy way.  All it takes is a dollop of pumpkin butter and a sprinkle of granola on top of yogurt and you’re all set for a delicious autumn treat.
Not the greatest piece of food photography, but it sure tasted great.
I’m going to try that pumpkin black bean chili again so I’ll be posting that in the future.  And how am I doing?  Well, my metaphorical relationship with pumpkin butter should indicate how my social life has been going.  Kidding.  October is always one of the worst months out of the school year, and I’m not sure why.  Tis the season for nervous breakdowns.  In spite of that, I’m certainly glad that I can enjoy cooling temperatures and comforting foods.  They are just a couple small things that keep me sane and content.  With good foods and good friends, I can make it out of this month alive.