Moving and Pizza at Olivella’s

God I suck at titles.  My summer vacation is quickly drawing to a close and I’m terrified.  I’ve already hit many of my summer benchmarks:  a trip to Chicago to see my brother, taking my certification test, seeing the LAST Harry Potter movie, and now…I’m moving.

My roommates and I are moving to a new apartment in Dallas, mostly to try out a new area in the city.  The process has been frustrating and annoying, but tomorrow we are finally getting our stuff into the new apartment and starting the slightly more fun process of getting settled.

The tough thing about moving is timing.  For example, when do you pack up all your food and kitchen stuff?  Too early and you’ll spend too much money on restaurants and wasted groceries; too late, and you’ll end up doing slapdash last-minute packing that will result in some broken dishes.

I managed to strike a pretty good balance during this move.  Last night, I tried Olivella’s Restaurant in University Park.  It’s an Italian restaurant, starring many delicious varieties of thin crust pizza napoletana.  The small restaurant has an old-fashioned homey ambience that makes it feel like you’re eating pizza in Italy at a family restaurant.  The pizza is also delicious, but personally I’m a big fan of thin crust.  We got the Snow White (ricotta, mozzarella, oregano, garlic & olive oil) and the Rustica (tomato sauce, sausage, bell-peppers & mozzarella.)  My only regret is that I didn’t try their Nutella Mousse dessert.  Next time…