I’m baaaack…

Wow, I’m sorry for the 6 month long absence.  I promise I have a good reason…I graduated from college (bittersweet) and immediately embarked on the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life:  teach.  I am living in Dallas now and single-handedly teaching **9** grades of Spanish.  That’s 18 classes and 293 kids, folks.  Needless to say, lesson planning and figuring out HOW to be a teacher to an entire school of children has consumed and continues to consume my life.  But something happened recently…I realized that people might be stumbling across this blog and *gasp* reading it!

I have Teleburst at So You Want to Be a Waiter to thank for my return.  He wrote a very lovely post about this blog that motivated me to crowbar it back into my packed schedule.  Muchas gracias.

I like Dallas so far, though I’ve been too exhausted to really explore it.  On the food front, I started off the school year buying things the farmer’s market, cooking my own meals, and all of those wonderful things.  However, due to the stress of this new career, I have unfortunately fallen off of the slow food wagon and watched it disappear on the horizon.  Finding time to eat healthy wholesome foods and cook them is my new challenge.  It’s even been tough venturing out to explore Dallas’s food scene, and with highest restaurants per capita in the country (supposedly), I’ve got a lot of ground to cover.

But I’m back.  And it’s about time I made a little tiny bit of space for myself and return to two things I love:  food and writing.

Feels nice.

Spanish tortilla with Dallas farmer's market ingredients...back when I cooked...