Break to Break

“Ms. B, can I go on Spring Break with you?” said my 6th grade student as her class lined up to be dismissed.

“Well, you’re going to be bored.  I’m just going to sleep and plan awesome Spanish lessons for you.”

“But Ms. B, you’re young!  You need to express yourself!!!” she said, with a flutter of jazz hands.

Now I’m not sure what exactly she meant by “express yourself,” and I’m not even sure she herself knew what she meant, but I’m pretty sure it was along the lines of “Ms. B, you’re young.  GET A LIFE.”   And when a 6th grader tells you to get a life, you should probably consider it.

I was sure this semester would be better for my Get a Life Project, and in some ways it has been, but life has been as busy as ever.  “You’re too young to be a workaholic,” said my mother one day.  The common theme with all these comments is that I’m young and I’m wasting it.  Since I don’t want to live my life from break to break, I need to get a life and hang on for dear life.

Sadly, because of how busy I’ve been, I have been a culinary failure as of late.  This really hit me when I was standing up in my kitchen eating soggy leftover French fries for dinner last week.  I believe that’s called “hitting rock bottom.”  Now I have gone out since I’ve last written and tried some new restaurants, which I will have to revisit later.  (Urban Crust, Café Madrid, Gloria’s, among others)

I have also returned to my lonely stove.   I took this lazy evening of Spring Break to make spinach fettuccine with pesto, Italian sausage, and focaccia bread.  I made the pesto and the focaccia from scratch.  I have made pesto before, but the bread was something new.  Baking bread has never quite worked out for me, but using Mark Bittman’s recipe from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, I gave it my best shot.  The process was pretty simple, and the results were actually tasty!  It was so refreshing to try a new recipe and enjoy the product.  It’s been too long.

Spring is here and I’m actually feeling a spark of energy.  Watch out, Life.  Imma getcha.

(Crappy iphone picture)
(crappy iphone picture)