My war with Rand continues…


Thank you for writing. There have been many variations of the Cuban and this particular one is our variation. It also happens to be our most popular sandwich at Chef James Bistro. If we change the name now it might confuse our customers who regularly get that sandwich.

We appreciate your feedback.



“Variation”? I’m pretty sure taking out one of the essential parts of a Cuban sandwich makes it…um…not a Cuban sandwich. (You can’t have a Cuban sandwich without pork!!!) These poor customers are already confused. However, I really admire Julie’s diplomacy in spite of her culinary ignorance. I understand that since she works for the man she has no power, so I forgive her. However, that doesn’t save her from another snarky letter:

Ah, I see. I sincerely apologize for wasting your time. It didn’t occur to me that dining wasn’t aiming for authenticity. I suppose the lack of inspiration in your “variation” is what fooled me. However, if my misinformed peers are willing to eat in ignorance and perpetuate American bastardization of ethnic cuisine, so be it. I suppose I must take my activism elsewhere.
Thank you for your consideration.


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