The Edge Of Glory, Summer Vacation

I charge out of my cool apartment into the Dallas sun, and my skin develops a slick sheen of sweat within three minutes.  I elbow my overflowing beach bag closer to my body as my flip-flops slap the burning pavement. I catch the soft edge of a generous breeze as I reach the pool area of my apartment complex. I am the only soul there to soak up the sun.  I stop.  I smile.  It is noon, on a Wednesday, and I am not at work.

My first year of teaching is behind me, and at this point all I can say is…I’M FREEEEEEEEE!!!  The thermometer has been creeping up for weeks, and I have been craving summer.  Not just vacation, but the tastes of summer, like a charred burger straight from an outdoor grill, topped with cold tomato slices and crispy lettuce, all between pillowy buns.  In fact, I believe I’m dangerously close to crashing a cookout.  Today I saw a lonely potato chip abandoned on a lounge chair by the pool, and only my dignity prevented me from rescuing it into my mouth.  And I don’t even like potato chips…except during cookouts.

With the looming certainty of three-digit temperatures in the future, I want to enjoy the double-digit heat while I can.  I plan to leisurely eat on patios and be in or near bodies of water as much as possible.  But I won’t just be lounging this summer.  I’ll be studying for my last certification exam and the GRE, planning for next year, working out, moving to a new apartment, and getting back into writing.  I’ll also explore more of what Dallas has to offer since I’ll finally have the time!

A few months ago I was thinking of getting a summer job, but I realized I need this summer for myself.  My first year of teaching was challenging, stressful, depressing, rewarding, overwhelming, and downright exhausting.  I think I’ve earned some “me” time, and I can’t wait to explore the possibilities.

A dad falls asleep by the pool with his daughter sleeping on his chest and a balloon tied around his wrist. Awful picture but too cute to not share. :)

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