Another Broken Egg Cafe

Brunch is big in Dallas, like everything else in Texas.  It is a Sunday event that ranges from the high-end to the down-home.  All I know is that many places offer bottomless mimosas, and I must find these establishments as soon as possible.

When I got my manicure a couple days ago, my manicurist told me about a place called Another Broken Egg Cafe.  He is a Texas native (Arlington), which was evident by the tattoo of Texas around his left elbow with the word “Love” inked in below.  I usually don’t like talking when I go to the salon.  When I go to the salon, I just want to relax in silence and get what I came there for.  However, I know that they are just trying to provide good customer service and establish a clientele, so I don’t get too ornery if I’m pressured into conversation.  Back in Tennessee I had my hair cut by the same lovely woman for five+ years, and every single time I sat in that chair she grinned at me in the mirror and asked me in her high-pitched Southern twang, “So…you got a man?”

But I digress.  I always ask any Texas native I meet for suggestions and recommendations, even if they are doing my nails and I am feeling antisocial.  Anyway, my manicurist told me that he and his partner have mostly left behind clubbing for lovely Sunday brunches, so I asked for recommendations.  Knowing the area of Dallas I live in, he recommended Another Broken Egg Cafe.  This morning I was craving a big breakfast, so I tried it out.

Another Broken Egg Cafe is a small franchise with restaurants across Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas.  I read on their website that they have recently switched to using only free-range eggs, which made me happy.  The menu had a variety of tasty-sounding choices, so I just asked my waiter what the most popular item was.  He recommended the Lobster Et Fromage Omelette, which had brie cheese, garlic Lobster, fresh tomatoes and a champagne cream sauce.  I wasn’t disappointed.  Sometimes when you get lobster dishes, you only get a little bit of lobster meat, but this omelette has a substantial amount and it was delicious.

My waiter had a good sense of humor.  When he brought out my breakfast, he kneeled down on one knee, held up the plate and said, “Breakfast, Your Majesty.”  But then, as a result of middle age I suppose, he couldn’t get back up and he had to grip the table to clumsily pull himself up.  When he brought my check, he opted for a deep bow instead of a kneel and said with dramatized chivalry, “It was a pleasure serving you.”   Now that’s service.  :)  (Sorry I don’t have pictures.  I forgot my camera and phone at home.  :( )

Another Broken Egg was good, but with so many other places to explore in Dallas, I don’t think I’ll go again.  Plus, it was pretty pricey.  I blew $20 for an omelette and coffee, but I guess it was a lobster omelette and taxes are a biotch.   Another Broken Egg also didn’t quite measure up to my Nashville favorites for breakfast (Pancake Pantry and Athens Family Restaurant).   I am so glad that this time tomorrow my hungry stomach and homesick heart will be back in Music City.



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