My Pre-Thanksgiving Diet

There comes a time each year when I need to go grocery shopping but I don’t because I’m about to leave home, wherever that may be at the time, to return to my parents’ home for the marathon of eating that is Thanksgiving Break.  Right now, I don’t have much in my apartment that I care to cook or eat, but I don’t see the point in extensive grocery shopping if I’m just going to leave in a couple days.

I’ve been frequenting Whole Foods or Tom Thumb for my meals.   At Whole Foods yesterday I bought salted caramel cupcakes, which I had eyed the week before but didn’t buy.  I’m glad I did this time.  They had a wonderful deep caramel flavor and light caramel flavored frosting.

At Tom Thumb today I bought a pomegranate because I read in a magazine at B&N that they are in season October to January and I got a craving.  Eating pomegranates is always a gruesome, risky adventure for me, but one that I enjoy.  I always forget the proper way to cut pomegranates so I just hack into it, inevitably bursting a dozen or so arils (pomegranate seeds).  The cutting board or plate ends up looking like a crime scene in the food pyramid.  And there’s always that risk…will I stain any fabrics in the vicinity?  The answer is almost always yes.

It is Day Two of my break and it has been glorious.  It’s actually Day Three, but my first day of break was spent in chaperoning a field trip to Oklahoma for my 8th graders.  Let’s just say being in a bus for hours with twenty 13-year-olds is not a “break.”  My roomies are gone and I have been enjoying the benefits of a solitary “staycation” before I head back home to Tennessee.  I spent hours at the mall shopping.  I took myself out on a date to the movies (HP 7).  I got a manicure.  I have slept as much as I want, whenever I want.  I have taken long, luxurious bubble baths.  I have read for enjoyment.

My brain is getting a nice break from teaching.  Tomorrow I will have to spend the day working, so that I don’t have to when I go home…but for now…I will just enjoy myself.


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