Singles Night at Central Market; Brunch at Cafe Brazil

I am really bad at having a life.  Another weekend has passed without much of anything interesting.  Friday night I was excited to go out with a couple friends, but when I got home all I wanted to do was sleep.  And that’s what I did.   And that’s pretty much what I do every weekend.

Teaching is tiring.  I admire how my roommates, also teachers, have recently gotten the energy to meet people and go out on dates and such.  While my roommates were out on Saturday night, as most people my age tend to do, I decided to check out Central Market, a natural supermarket a la Whole Foods.  I had never seen or heard of Central Market before moving to Dallas, and I was bored and hungry so I figured, why not?

The first thing I noticed when I walked into Central Market was that it’s not set up like a regular supermarket.  The aisles aren’t linear, but more like a maze.  You have to go through most of them to get to check-out, like Ikea.  Their products are pretty much the same kind you’d find at Whole Foods:  lots of organic, natural options and “gourmet” items.  Being a food nerd, I had fun browsing the shelves.

As I was checking out the couscous, a man I had passed in the previous aisle came up to me and said, “Hey, you’re cute.  What’s your name?”  He obviously didn’t read this ehow article on the proper grocery store pick-up strategy.   I said thank you and gave him a name.  Not my name, but a name.  After indulging him in two minute conversation, which was difficult because he had a thick Nigerian accent, I found out he’s a doctor who recently moved to Dallas.  He asked for my number.  I said no.  It’s always funny when you tell a guy no because for some reason they always think you’re joking at first.  After realizing I was serious, he gave me his number instead and I awkwardly escaped into the wine section.

I left Central Market feeling “meh” about it.  Maybe it was the traumatizing pick-up attempt, maybe it was the disembowelment my wallet endured upon checkout…but I’m not convinced I’ll go back.  It’s pretty much a close cousin of Whole Foods, which is closer to my apartment anyway and no one has ever hit on me there. : )  Now, I’m not opposed to meeting people at supermarkets, cliche as it is, but dating isn’t really at the top of my 40 mile long to-do list.  Eating always is.

I also went to Cafe Brazil this weekend to do a little lesson planning and had a delicious egg and chorizo stuffed pepper and smores hot cocoa for brunch.  Cafe Brazil has a delicious extensive menu of Latin inspired dishes, great coffee, and a 20% discount for teachers.  I actually came here during the week too for the crepes I like:  chicken, spinach, mushrooms, cheese, and a spicy jalapeño cream sauce–which was also on my stuffed pepper.  Good stuff.  And that discount keeps me coming back.

Smores Hot Cocoa
Breakfast Relleno

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