All I Need Is Wine, Chocolate, and Cheese

As a college student, I was quite delighted when I realized I didn’t have to give up alcohol in order to eat locally.  There are plenty of local beers (such as Yazoo) and wines.  Most liquor stores have a local section that features wine from vineyards around the area.  My roommates and I made a liquor store run last weekend, and I asked a store clerk for local wine recommendations.  I wanted something really sweet so one of the one he referred me to was the American Muscadine sweet white wine from Stonehaus Winery in Crossville, TN.  It was incredibly sweet, almost too sweet for me, but I can guarantee that it did not last long among me and my friends.  My parents introduced me to a sweet strawberry wine from Keg Springs Winery in Hampshire, TN, which also does not last very long.

I enjoy the simple things, wine being one–cheese and chocolate being other favorites.   I bought Kenny’s Farmhouse Asiago Cheese from Austin, KY at the Turnip Truck the other day because I really wanted to make a portabello mushroom pizza.  For me, browsing the cheese section is always exciting and depressing.  My mouth waters as I peruse the tasty selection…and then my eyes start watering about the price.  Cheese is expensive.  I really wanted to try a local goat cheese, for example, but it was so pricey for such a small morsel.  Maybe someday.

I’m usually willing to spend more than usual on artisan chocolate; it’s a little treat I give myself every once in a while.  Olive and Sinclair Chocolate is Nashville’s ONLY “bean-to-bar” artisan chocolate company.  They have some unique flavors such as Salt & Pepper, Cinnamon-Chili, Double Chocolate, and Coffee.  Recently Gwyneth Paltrow blogged about them!  I bought a bar of the Salt & Pepper this week and have been enjoying it slowly.  It sounds strange but salt in chocolate is not just a fab, it’s actually pretty tasty.  I love sweet/salty combinations and the pepper give it a spicy kick that I love.  Their packaging is excellently designed; it has an old-fashioned appeal that is perfect.  I actually have the wrapper on my bulletin board right now.

Sometime, it’s not so hard to be happy.  As frivolous as it might seem, sometimes wine, chocolate, or cheese is all you need.


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