Jamie Oliver’s Wish for Every Child in America

Everyone who cares about food has seen this speech already, but I finally got around to watching it and I’m so glad I did.  His speech is powerful, informative, and inspiring.   In one part, he shows a clip of him asking a classroom of young children to name the vegetables he was holding up, and they could not answer a single one correctly.  One child could not even recognize a potato, likely because it wasn’t sliced and fried or chopped and molded into a tater tot.  It was horrifying, but it has motivated me to teach, if I do actually teach next year, at the elementary school level so I can incorporate this knowledge into the curriculum and build a foundation for these kids.  They can’t grow up not knowing what a tomato is.  Watch it.  I’m looking forward to his series about his work in West Virginia to change eating habits, which premieres this coming week.  Watch that too.


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