Comfort for the Comfortless

It was a depressing day here in Nashville.  Near sixty degrees yesterday was merely a cruel tease, albeit a predictable one.  It’s January, after all.  As per usual in Nashville, the temperature dropped and it randomly snowed for a bit.  Combine that with a “case of the Mondays” and you get cravings for warm, fried, and/or sugary foods.   I was really craving tostones (twice-fried plantains) so I bought some green plantains, fried them up, sprinkled some sea salt, and gobbled them down before I could even take a picture.  (For dinner, by the way, I utilized that broccoli and cauliflower again, only this time I chopped it up and mixed it with couscous and red pepper flakes, yummm.)  Later on, much preferring to bake than do homework, I made those maple walnut chocolate chip cookies again.  (A few posts back.)  My roommates had no problem with this.  They were better last time (the cookies, I mean), when I had real maple syrup and brown sugar, but they’re all right.  Tomorrow I plan on trying something new……


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