Maple Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

I found this recipe on Everybody Likes Sandwiches the other day, and I was too intrigued by the “maple” part to avoid trying them out.   She raved about them, and I can see why: they are delicious.   Chewy and crunchy at the same time with a slight hint of maple.   My tastebuds were singing and swaying in unison, and my supply of milk mysteriously began to decrease rapidly.  (Jeez, I just reread that sentence; the sad thing is, I actually do talk like that…)

I expected, and I think might have liked, more of a maple flavor.  I couldn’t resist tasting the dough before I cooked it because it smelled so good (salmonella, shhmalmonella!).  It really had that sweet maple flavor, so it built up my expectations.  I did subtly sense the maple in the final product though.

I enjoyed buying real, pure maple syrup for once, instead of “pancake syrup.”  It comes in cooler glass bottles (Not that I have anything against your figure, Aunt Jemima. It’s lovely.)  Some college students like to line up their empty liquor bottles in decorative triumph; I think I may do maple syrup bottles instead…

Anyway, not only were the cookies delicious, but my dorm room (and the kitchen downstairs) smelled AMAZING the whole night.  Can’t beat that.


Look at the green eye of my computer gazing longingly at these cookies.  So good even technology covets them.


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