Back in Business!

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted, but I have indeed returned.  Senior year has been a whole lot more busy than I expected.  The supreme irony of it all is that just when I’ve become the most busy I have ever been in my college career, senioritis grips me like a vice and sucks out my motivation.

I haven’t been able to cook much, partially because I’ve been so busy and mostly because the oven in my dorm was broken for weeks.  I’ve caught the cooking bug once again, however, and the oven is now fixed to satisfy my culinary urges.

My renewed motivation/inspiration to cook/bake (overdid it on the slashes, didn’t I?) stems from browsing cooking blogs for work recently and getting a lot of inspiration, and also because one of my favorite holidays is coming up:  Thanksgiving.

Pilgrims, Indians, blah , blah, blah—it’s all about the food for me.  We always have a Cuban/American spread at our Thanksgiving.   Traditional American stuff like yams with marshmallows, but also Cuban stuff, like rice and beans.  We also give a Cuban twist to our turkey with a special top-secret marinade.  My favorite part is my mom’s  “estuffin” which is a Spanglified version of “stuffing.”  My mom likes to do this kind of thing often with words, and when she first said “estuffin,” we thought it was so funny it kind of stuck and became the official name.  I’ve been busy pondering what kind of desserts to make since the postres have become my domain for the past couple of years.

It’s good to be back, blogging and baking.  Stick around.


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