Asia de Cuba


As a belated 21st birthday celebration, my aunt and uncle took me out to the city to eat at Asia the Cuba, an Asian-Cuban restaurant.  My aunt made a reservation, which was confirmed twice, but when we got there our name was nowhere to be found on the computer.  They accommodated us, however; we were there super early, so there was hardly anyone there yet.  I was afraid it would be one of those places where the portions are small but the price is large, but everything was family-style and DELICIOUS.  Here’s what we ate:

Calamari Salad: Crispy calamari, chayote, hearts of palm, banana, cashew, chiccory and radicchio, sesame orange dressing

A pleasant salad. The calamari wasn’t as crispy as I would have liked and the banana was a little overwhelming, but nothing really turned off my tastebuds.

Beef Dumplings Two Ways: Crispy with plum sauce, and steamed with coconut rice and mango ponzu

These were great.  I lurv dumplings.  The fried ones were basically empanadas with picadillo (Cuban ground beef hash) inside.

Cuban BBQ Chicken: with Thai coconut sticky rice, avocado cilantro fruit salsa, tamarind sauce

Yummy, but the flavor reminded me too much of familiar (American) Mexican food to be novel.

Honey-Rum Glazed Pot Roast of Pork: Sauteed Shanghai bok choy, fried plantains, enoki mushrooms

This was my FAVORITE.  The pork was sweet, juicy, and tender.  I’m going to be dreaming about this dish.

Lobster-Boniato Mash

Yummy and it was a huge portion.  The three of us couldn’t even finish it.

Cuban Opera Cake: Devil’s Food Cake, Kahlua, Milk Chocolate and Coffee Mousse, Coffee Brittle Ice Cream

Absolutely beautiful, and delicious.  It reminded me of tiramisu.  The cake stood straight up and regal; you could practically hear it bellowing, “FIGARO! FIGARO! FI-GA-RO!”

Homemade Sorbet of the Day

Refreshing and pretty.  It came with scoops of different flavored sorbets.  The grapefruit one made me cringe; I’m not a fan of grapefruit.

I also had a Coconut Cloud Cocktail (Cruzan coconut rum, stoli vanil, coco lopez, topped with coconut.)  Hey, I’m 21 now!

I liked the decor and they played salsa music that made me long for a dance floor, but it’s kind of small and quite dark (hence poor pictures.) Great birthday dinner, and I’d definitely go back again someday.



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