Lunch in Less Than Five: Beat that, Rachel Ray!

I made my lunch for tomorrow in less than five minutes.  Rachel Ray would need an extra 25.  Therefore:  I > Rachel Ray.

Ok, so maybe I cheated.  Yesterday my aunt’s parent brought over some Peruvian food, which included tasty spinach spaghetti.  I had it cold and plain for lunch today, which was quite blah.  (I wolfed it down in a minute since it was more for sustenance than enjoyment.)  Today, however, I decided to make my lunch for tomorrow so I wouldn’t have to throw a Kashi bar in my bag, forget about it, and then end up having crumb cake for lunch.  (It’s a vicious cycle.  I swear that crumb cake at Guy & Gallard is made of crack.)

During work I read a few of Mark Bittman’s articles, including 101 Simple Summer Salads, and was inspired to create some simple, fresh, and tasty treats myself.  I took the leftover spaghetti and added chopped tomatoes, feta cheese, and fresh basil. It was quick, simple, and I know I’m going to be happy come lunch time tomorrow.  Rachel’s got nothing but ridiculous catch phrases and acronyms.  Sure I used leftovers, but I’m just playin’ the game.  Go sob into your EVOO, biatch. ;P



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