The Future's So Bright…

I have successfully slept for 8 hours.  Unfortunately, these hours took place between 6pm and 2am, so now I am wide awake…

Today, or yesterday rather, I went home early to recover from a cold, but got rounded up into going to Chester, NJ with my aunt, uncle, and cousin to go to a toy store.   The toy store brought back some memories of “my youth” with those hard plastic animal & dinosaur figurines and their Hello Kitty junk.  They also had a collection of Ugly Dolls, stuffed animals that are cute, in an ugly way, of course.


Chester’s downtown area is filled with cute little shops, from antiques to chocolates.  We stopped in Taylor’s Ice Cream Parlor. It had that old-fashioned Happy Days appeal and a great variety of homemade ice cream, but I can’t tell you if it was actually good or not.  Upon biting into my scoop of Double Oreo in a waffle cone, I became immensely depressed.  I couldn’t taste it.  (Summer cold, ftw.)  So therefore, I reserve judgment (even though I’m tempted to say that I’ve had better…*coughPenny Lickcoughcough*)

I have to say that as a Senior in college (pause for spine-chilling fear…and…now we’re back…) the “future” has never been more present.  It even followed me into good old Taylor’s Ice Cream Parlor.  They had one of those old scales that is supposed to predict your future, give you lottery numbers, or Bill Gate’s pin number, something like that.  And what do I see first as I walk in, in huge RED letters on the scale?  Behold:



Thanks, Taylor, whoever you are.  Thanks.



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