Bites: Tim Horton's, Sushi Samba, and Gone with the Wings

  • Tim Horton’s, the Canadian Dunkin’ Donuts, has expanded into the US, opening several locations in New York City.  I went on a quest with a Canadian co-worker to find a location during our lunch break last Monday.  According to her, Tim Horton’s is more Canadian than the Canadian National Anthem, it is Canada distilled and concentrated.  We had the Timbits, which are a cute little box of donut holes of different flavors.  Now, donut holes are usually just donut holes, but these donut holes were delicious, especially the chocolate ones.  Canada is delicious.
  • Last Thursday I had dinner with a Vandy friend of mine at Sushi Samba, which provides a fusion of Japanese and Latin American cuisine–for a price.  It was expensive, but it definitely tasted good.  I had the Pacific roll (king crab, asian pear, avocado, soy paper, wasabi-avocado crema) and the Bobo Brazil roll (kobe beef, avocado, kaiware, shiso, red onion, chimichurri ponzu).  I liked the sweetness that the asian pear brought to the Pacific roll, definitely different.  When I first bit into the Bobo Brazil, I thought, “Too much avocado.” I couldn’t taste anything else.  With the rest of the rolls, however, I got to taste the subtle smokieness of the sear kobe beef, and it was great.My friend brought a few guys in the program he is interning for, University of Dreams, and it was interesting.  I’m around women most of the time, so it was nice to be around a group of regular guys.  And they didn’t seem to care that I was a girl; I got to hear uncensored locker room talk, which was hilarious, though sometimes a little too much.  I definitely learned a lot about guys my age, one thing being that most of the time they really are after one thing and view women simply as emotional, dramatic, clingy creatures.  Now, now, not to reduce all guys, even these guys, to two-dimensional stereotypes, but it was enlightening.  And entertaining.  Let’s just say that I’m further convinced that I don’t want a serious relationship right now.  Besides, if the boys can have fun, so can I.
  • I spent Sunday lounging by the pool of my aunt’s sister’s apartment complex.  She ordered buffalo wings, chicken tenders and barbecue ribs from a local place (in Nutley, NJ, btw) cleverly called Gone with the Wings, where their motto is “Frankly, my dear, we do give a damn.”  Everything was amazing, but I was incredibly impressed with the ribs.  Oh my god. Perfectly sweet and spicy barbecue sauce and the meat was so tender it just fell off the bones.  DELICIOUS.  I’m eating from there again before I leave New Jersey! The pool was nice.  I laid out and read The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, eventually taking a dip in the pool.  Most of the people around were old men and women who really have no shame flaunting their lumpy bodies.  My aunt joked, “You could stay with Jackie, be the sex symbol of the pool.”  I sighed.  “Tia…it really wouldn’t be hard.”  It was a good day.  Amazing how doing nothing but lounging by a pool can make you SO tired. :)

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