Monday Night Salsa at Tavern on the Green


Tavern on the Green is a well-known restaurant located in Central Park.  I went there with a friend for their Monday night Salsa dancing, and we figured, why not eat there?  Mistake.  Food is horribly over-priced for what its actually worth–at least the dish I had.  It was a lobster penne, and I figured it would be chock-full of lobster (or diamonds) due to the price but it ended up being a few measely morsels.  (They also charge you $15 dollars if you try to order one dish and split it–wtf?)  The decor was old-fashioned grandma opulence and lots of pink.  First thing I thought was, “It’s like a Care Bear threw up all over the place.”  But enough negativity–how about the positives…

The salsa party was outside on the patio, and that is where I finally had a good time.  I’m a sucky dancer, while my friend is very good, so I’m still getting the hang of being led and, well, looking decent.  We went after work, so I didn’t get to change out of my work clothes.  (Fyi, dancing salsa in ballet flats hurts like hell.  You wouldn’t think so right?  No arch support, my friend.  And heels are way sexier.)  It was hot and the dance floor was small and crowded but it was fun.  People watching was great.  One character was an old bald man in a poo-brown suit who was not a great dancer, but was taking every unpaired lady out to the dance floor.  According to a girl we met that frequents salsa spots, he’s everywhere, dancing the nights away.

The patio.
The patio. Dancefloor is waaay in the back. You can see it in the middle.

If I ever go back to Tavern on the Green, it won’t be to eat–unless someone else is paying, which reminds me that I must add getting a date to my to-do list; with boyfriends, employed ones anyhow (ugh, one of my ex-boyfriends was so expensive–no job and chronic laziness; girls, don’t be gold-diggers, but never open your wallets for a man) you get some meals for free. ;p  (I know, I know, that’s terrible of me.)  I would love to go back for salsa night though.  I had a pretty good time.  I didn’t get to Jersey til almost 2 in the morning, and one of the crew members on the train (a youngish guy) asked, “What are you doing out so late?”
“Went dancing with a friend of mine,” I said.
He laughed, “Getting the partying in already huh?”
“Gotta start the Monday right and warm-up; it’s already Tuesday!”


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