The Times They Are A-Changin'

I’ve just realized: I’ve had this blog for an entire year.  That’s pretty amazing.  Sure the posts haven’t been entirely regular, but I’ve only missed a couple months.

Going back and reading through some of the old posts made me realize how much difference a year makes.  My life was different.  I was different.  I had to be proud of how far I’ve come when I read in an old post from last summer how much it sucked that I wasn’t going on any summer adventures…and here I am…working in New York City.

I feel so old.  And so young at the same time.  I’ve accumulated tons of experiences–joys, heartaches, all that crap–and I’m proud because it lets me know I’m living.  However, I still feel the insatiable need to collect more experiences, to hunt them, frantically hoard as many as I can, and clutch them to me like they’re all I have, as if in fear of not being alive enough.  A strange sensation.  But I can’t stop asking myself, are you living enough?  Are you?


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