WARNING: This Post is Not Appropriate for Vegetarians Due to Roasting of Tasty Animal

Yesterday I went to the graduation party of a Cuban friend of the family and of course, as is tradition with large Cuban gatherings, a whole pig was seasoned and roasted to a delicious crisp. It looks a little brutal when its done but it smells and tastes amazing. I remember when my family had a party a long time ago we bought a whole pig and we had it hanging from the gate awning until it was ready to roast and there was a nice little puddle of blood underneath it. I can only imagine what the neighbors thought. :D Along with the pork, the graduation party also had moros (rice and black beans cooked together) and yuca. Here’s some pics:

Moros y Cristianos
Moros y Cristianos

Pics of the pig after the jump…

porkpig headporkpork cut up


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