La Paz: Meh

La Paz is a Mexican restaurant in Nashville that I had heard mentioned several times but had never been to.   This past Friday I went with my fellow interns from work, and I gotta say I wasn’t really impressed with the place.  The ambiance of the patio where we sat was nice and festive, but the inside seemed too bare and uninteresting for me.   I made the mistake of ordering tacos when I should have ordered something more interesting like the “Cuban” quesadilla.  I got two tacos, two mounds of sour cream and guacamole, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and rice and beans for $11.something, when I could have gotten something of comparable or better quality elsewhere.   I’m not sure I can write it off completely, but I don’t see myself going there again.  I’ve been staying with at a friend’s apartment off of Nolensville Pike during the week (which has spotty internet access hence the lack of frequent posts) and there a few Mexican markets and taco stands around there that I’ve wanted to check out.  Oh, a Mexican place I enjoy when I’m in Columbia is Taco Express.  Good food and I can get a HUGE cup of horchata (delicious Mexican rice drink) while I’m there.  I’m going to have to stop by soon…la paz


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