Gloria & Emilio Estefan teach you how to cook Cuban-style

Gloria and Emilio Estefan created a beautiful cookbook of authentic Cuban recipes that I have been trying to get my hands on since it came out last year.  I finally found one in the Barnes & Noble in Franklin and had an opportunity to look through it.  The verdict: It really is a beautiful book.  The design is clean and appealing, and the photos of the food are saliva-inducing.  The recipes don’t offer any innovations in Cuban cuisine, but that wasn’t their aim.  Their aim was, as the subtitle states, to share authentic Cuban recipes, which is what I really like about it.  They know you shouldn’t mess with a good thing.  The book offers a pretty comprehensive list of all the great, traditional Cuban dishes which are all prefaced with a little info on the history of the dish and a little personal bit about their relationship with it.  (For example, their daughter apparently loves papas rellenas.  Who knew??????)  I was also pleased to see that they make their flan like I do, with three milks–not the straight-up regular leche crap that I see a lot of other recipes using.  It’s a nice book, but since I already have a book that has authentic Cuban recipes (Nitza Villapol’s old school Cocina Criolla, mo-fos!) I probably won’t buy this one myself.  Everyone, my birthday is Aug 10!  You can give it to me on a different holiday though…Cinco de Mayo is next week…


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