O hai

I’m sitting at the VB front desk eating moros,  yuca, platanos fritos, and mango.  Random, yes.  I’m done with classes, finals–in short, my junior year of college.  Time flies dangerously fast, in fun times and not so fun times.  The semester started out with NOT so fun times, but the not so fun times make us better people.   The rest of the semester was really fun times, and I know senior year is going to be a blast. (My friends and I have already been lamenting the well-being of our livers–21 baby!)  This last month has been crazy–fun but stressful with the closing of the semester and what not (hence the lack of posts for an entire month…sorry to whoever actually reads this).  But now school is over and I’ve got other things to do, like find an internship so I don’t have to be in Tennessee, where my soul will surely curl up in the fetal position, scream “WHHHHHHYYYYYY?” and die a slow, mouth-foaming death.

Anyway, posts will be much more frequent, with at least one cooking related post each week. The food I just ate I had cooked a couple days ago but it turned out so very mediocre.  It was depressing, especially since my manfriend hadn’t tried my cooking yet.  I think I may have lost my touch.  The food I cook at home in my own kitchen always tastes so much better than what I cook in the dorm kitchen.   What’s up with that?  I did cook Torticas de Morón last week and they were fine, but they have just 4 ingredients so it’s hard to mess up.  I’ll post that up next.  In the meantime, my soul will be trying to avoid doom by applying to internships.


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