Quick Update – Latin Dance Show! and a disturbing student group against it pops up on campus

No time really for a real post.  Why?  Rehearsing for Cafe con Leche has consumed my free time.  Cafe con Leche is Vandy’s annual Latin dance show; I was was roped into dancing salsa in it over spring break, which I am excited/nervous about.  The show is this tomorrow at 7 in Langford Auditorium, so buy your tickets for $7 at Sarratt!

A new, disturbing development on campus is the appearance of a student group called Youth for Western Civilization, a group against multiculturalism and immigration and for “100% assimilation” and protecting “American culture”.  I participated this past Monday in a protest of an anti-immigrant speaker they brought to campus, although my protesting was more aimed at the ideals of the group itself, which are based in bigotry, ignorance, and a misguided, unrealistic philosophy of culture and politics.  It’s frankly disgusting.  I wish I could write more about my opinions on this issue, but like I said, time crunch—and I will get angry all over again.  Rumor has it they may protest Cafe con Leche, which is ridiculous because first of all it is not a political event.  We protested a political lecture, not a dance show that is meant to be inclusive, welcoming, and entertaining.  All sorts of ethnicities participate in it, and we all consider ourselves American as well.  One of their beliefs is that cultural groups on campus are divisive, while theirs seeks inclusivity, but it is, in fact and obviously, the complete opposite.  Assimilation is not inclusivity–it is a fascist rejection of other cultures and tyrannical imposition of one culture/idea onto another.  Oh, so many things I can say but I have to go to rehearsal, so…

Here are a couple articles from the Vandy newspaper + a good opinion piece by Soo Yang, a student here:





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