"Olive Garden is the IHOP of Italian restaurants."

Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for the ingenius analogy above; that honor goes to my friend Nakita while we were at Olive Garden with her family in Roswell, Georgia.  My spring break went well.  After spending a weekend in Columbia, I came back to Nashville to start my internship (which is great and I recently found out it will be a paid internship) and celebrate my friend Davida’s 21st birthday with her friends and family at Dave & Buster’s.  Thursday I drove down to Georgia to visit Nakita, and came back yesterday afternoon.  I have only been to Olive Garden twice, the first I don’t remember and the second this time with Nakita and her family.  The IHOP analogy is very appropriate–I think I may have become a bit of a food snob; that, or nothing measures up to Amerigo when it come to Italian food for me.  I ordered a portobello mushroom ravioli with a sundried tomato sauce; it was good, but the sauce was heavier than I expected and not as sundried-tomato-y as I would have liked.  The kicker is that they also strangely sprinkled it with green onions…and I think it made it almost taste baked-potato-y (I’m great with the adjectives.)  The dish seemed to scream IHOP Italian food.  Green onions?  However, for dessert I had zepolli (little Italian donuts rolled in powdered sugar) with a chocolate dipping sauce, and it was absolutely wonderful. (Warm, fresh donuts + chocolate = :D)

I went to Trader Joes, my recent love, today to pick up some healthy foods for my dorm.  I decided to make pasta when I got back, since I had bought vegetables, garlic, chicken, whole-wheat penne, and sun-dried tomatoes.   It didn’t turn out that great (good, but eh), but it looked pretty. : )



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