Arroz con Pollo doesn't rhyme with Marco Polo

Mom and I were at a loss about what to make for dinner Sunday so I went to one of my favorite sites, Three Guys From Miami , and looked up some recipes.  Arroz con pollo caught my eye, so I figured why not?  Arroz con pollo translates to “rice with chicken,” and there are lots of variations on the recipe.  It’s a very flavorful dish, thanks to all the spices, the fact that you cook the chicken, onions, pepper, and garlic in bacon fat (yum!), and the beer.  Yes.  Beer.  When we went shopping for the ingredients, I couldn’t find Bijol, which is like an imitation saffron that makes the rice yellow, so we had to splurge on real saffron.  Saffron is a little disheartening to buy for a cheapskate like me.  I paid 7ish dollars of a tiny little pouch of pure Spanish saffron resting inside a very empty glass jar.  However, it was kind of cool to have an expensive, rare spice.  I read on the jar that it takes 3 stigmas each of 75,000 flowers to produces one pound of saffron, which is why it is the “gold of spices.”  I felt like I was dealing with cocaine, carefully measuring out a pinch to put into the rice.  No wasting whatsoever; I paid by the ounce!

This recipe is great for big family gatherings or a party because it makes such a huge quantity.  My mom, dad, and I had a couple servings each, and we still have a huge container of leftovers.  Because it makes so much, we had to use the HUGE cazuela we have.  (See picture below.)  Making the rice was a time-consuming process, but it turned out great.  My mom said I’ve made myself into “una tremenda cocinera,” a great chef.  I just follow the recipes, most of the time at least, so I can’t take all the credit.  It was a tasty, hearty Sunday dinner for a cold, snowy day, and one more meal to add to my repetoire.  (Directions under Recipes So Far tab.)

Arroz con pollo in our big-ass cazuela
Arroz con pollo in our big-ass cazuela

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