Salma Hayek is married. Wait, what?

Apparently I haven’t been keeping up with celebrity news because I just found out from my mom that Salma Hayek, one of my celebrity girl-crushes, eloped with her French gazillionaire baby daddy, Francois-Henri Pinault on Valentine’s Day.  They had been engaged last year, but mysteriously called it off.  The idea of an elopement has always appealed to me.  It’s romantic, sure, but what I really like is that it’s cheap and quick.  You can call me Mrs. Scrooge when it comes to money, and the amount people spend on weddings makes me balk.  The thing that would probably keep me from eloping is that you get no wedding presents…and I guess it would be nice to share that moment with your friends and family, at least the ones you like. ; ) So, anyway, a late congratulations to Salma (we r totes bffs 4eva)!



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