Spring Break: A little update


I’m actually looking forward to Spring Break this year!  I’ll be all over the place.  I’m going back home for the weekend, then coming back to Nashville for a couple days, then I’m driving down to Atlanta to visit one of my bestest friends (love you, Nakita!).  It’s going to be great.  What is not so great is that I have a presentation the first day classes start up again and I have quite a bit of Dickens to read.  But, pishposh, I can deal.  I suddenly feel uncommonly motivated even though I have virtually, no literally, wasted almost an entire work shift on Facebook, Gawker, and especially Someecards, which I absolutely love.  Anyway, I’m planning to pick back up on this blog because it is utter heresy that I have not cooked or at least written about food.  My relationship with food has been wacky recently.  I don’t even know what to eat, I haven’t felt like cooking for myself, and I eat at random times because of class or work or my running schedule.  What I probably need to do is put myself on a meal plan; I’m training for a half-marathon anyway so it might be helpful.  That’s something I’ll put into action after spring break though.   Spring break, which will be awesome, or I’ll be damned.


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