Halfway to the Half-Marathon!

I started training for the Country Music half-marathon a few weeks ago because I wanted to challenge myself.  My life had changed recently (i.e. no loser boyfriend), and I realized that I had absolutely no reason to hold myself back ever again.  So I ran.  Today I reached a milestone: SIX MILES, about half-way to my goal of 13 miles.  I ran in the park this morning since it wasn’t too cold.  I like running there because it’s not always the same.  One day, for example, I saw an old man sitting on a bench playing bongos by himself, which I found poignant for some reason.  Today I ran the six miles in an hour and five minutes, which included four or five one-minute walking breaks after some of the miles.  It was hard, but I did it, and I’m so proud of myself.  I’ve got the blisters to prove it.  Running has been great for my body despite the occasional pain.  I can feel and see that my legs are stronger, and my ass, I must say, looks better than ever!  Last time I weighed myself I had lost five pounds.  I’m wondering if I have lost anymore.  Anyway, just imagining the sheer bliss I’ll feel when I cross the finish line keeps me going.  That, and how awesome my legs and abs are going to be…


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