Hosea wins Top Chef. Meh.

Those of you as obsessed with Top Chef as I am already know that Hosea has won the $100,000 prize, and even though I love the show and enjoyed the season (because of Fabio, really), I couldn’t bring myself to care.  I was personally rooting for Carla, whom I thought was annoying and under-qualified at first until she came out of nowhere with some mad culinary skills.  Then I grew to love her wacky antics and giraffe-like awkwardness.  I knew she was screwed the minute she agreed to take Casey’s suggestion on cooking the meat in a weird way she had never done before (can’t remember the name…).  It’s such a shame that she royally screwed up at the finale when she was doing so well the past few challenges!  I didn’t want to Stefan to win because, well, he was an arrogant asshole–even though he’s really talented.  Now that I think about, I think maybe I would have almost prefered Stefan over Hosea.  Hosea is nice and all, but he was practically handed the title; his sous chef was Richard, for God’s sake!  Ah, well.  Maybe next season.  Until then, I’ll miss you Tom Colicchio, you sexy blue-eyed teddy bear you.

Tom Colicchio


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