Back at School

I’m back and not quite sure how to feel about it. The stress has already begun. One source of stress is applying for a study abroad grant. If I can get the full amount I ask for, maybe, just maybe, I’ll be in Madrid this summer, which would be AMAZING, but I’m trying not to get my hopes too high. It all depends on the money. So, I have to work. This past week I had motivation issues (already, which doesn’t bode well…), so I’m trying to get on the ball again.
Cooking has not happened yet, nor has crafting, but I’ve been thinking about it. For my business class we eventually have to come up with our own business plan, so I’m trying to figure out if I can feasibly use one of these. I feel like we have to come up with some big-time venture so I’m not sure a bakery would be appropriate. I would like to cook again. My friend Nakita gave me a set of 100 recipe cards of cupcake recipes, which could provide calories and calories of fun. That’s why I’m having my mom bring me the extra cupcake sheet tomorrow. :) Well, must get back to work. There is a dream trip to be earned.


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