Cake de Ron

Cake de Ron

Made from sugarcane, Cuba’s major cash crop, rum is the most popular alcoholic drink among Cubans and appears in many dishes.  I was browsing the recipes on 3 Guys from Miami and found a recipe for rum cake.  Since I was bored out of my mind and craving something sweet, I decided to give it a try.   I also knew that we had a cache of rum in our house that could be put to a more creative use, so why not?  The recipe on the site also called for banana liquer, but I didn’t have any and not being a huge fan of bananas anyway, I left it out.   The cake is pretty time-consuming, but worth it.  I suppose it’s not more time consuming than any other cake made from scratch, but I’m used to the simplicity of cake mixes.   Since the directions are pretty long I’ll save it for the Recipes So Far tab.  After the cake bakes, you poke holes in it and drench it in a sugar and rum syrup which is supposed to moisten the cake.  The amount the directions called for didn’t soak the cake, so I thought at first it needed more.  After mom tried it though, she said it was surprisingly so light and thought the amount was fine.  I suppose it depends on how heavy and rum-y I want to make the cake.  Next time I might try just a tad bit more syrup, and see what happens.  Baking it in a bundt pan and sprinkling powdered sugar makes the cake so beautiful I almost didn’t want to cut into it.  The guys from Miami bake it in mini individual bundt pans, which would be so cute for a small get-together.  Overall, this cake was a success.  It smells so amazing and the rum is subtle but present.  I’ll definitely bake it again.


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