Holiday Days

I’ve been in my pajamas for the past two days, but I did have the decency to shower.   Christmas went well, but it was exhausting.  I ended up making a regular delicious flan instead of coconut flan, because trying two new desserts for a holiday is generally a bad idea since you can very well be left with two crappy ones.   I made the desserts the day before Christmas Eve after catching up with some of the amigas, and I spent Christmas Eve making presents for my family (I am proud to say 95% of my gifts this season were handmade–three leather journals, a sketchbook, a recipe book, and dulce de leche), but I did take time out to enjoy dinner and a few hours of Catchphrase with the fam.  Christmas day was no less hectic, spending the day with Ryan’s family, including his adorable but energetic nieces who took to climbing all over me.  I had one on my back and one in my arms at one point,  as I walked around looking for Ryan–in heels.   It was fun, but exhausting.   I was further forced to socialize that night at home when we had family friends over, which was also fun but I got sick that night because I ate too many leftovers (not eating hashbrown casserole for a while).  The next day I went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, aka, the greatest film this year.  Seriously.  So after all that activity, I retreated to my pajamas.  I’ve read two books, The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry, and Watchmen the past couple days.  It’s been nice taking these lazy days since that’s really what vacation is about.  I won’t be able to do this when school starts again.  Well, without guilt at least.  Tomorrow is the Amigas’ New Year’s Eve’s Eve Party/Sleepover and I’m also going to the spa to get a facial since mom got me a giftcard for Christmas.  Hopefully, it’ll be relaxing and ease my reentry into the world after these delicious days away from it. :)


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