"You better work, bitch"

While I doodled around on my computer this morning at “work”, I came up with an idea for a line of journals featuring the prolific, though-provoking quotes of our time.  I put together a couple of rough (very) prototypes just to get ideas; they don’t even have a text block, but here they are:

Prolific Quote Journals (Prototype)Other quotes I plan to use include:

“You better work, bitch.” -Rupaul
“I’m a genie in a bottle.” -Christina Aguilera
“When I think about you, I touch myself.” -Divinyls
“Eeey, macarena.” -Los del Rio
“Hey, baby. Hey, baby.  Hey.” -Gwen Stefani
“My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.” -Kelis
“Quit playing games with my heart.” -Backstreet Boys

And much much more.  I’m using, obviously, various inane song lyrics I’ve enjoyed in the past (and now to be totally honest).  I’m trying to up the ridiculosity with trying to make the journals look as serious as possible.  I would probably add some black book cloth to the spine and add some kind of florish below the quote.  I originally wanted to make it stark white with black lettering but the only white paper I had was copy paper, which was too thin to handle the glue.  Instead I used a beige cardstock I had around.  I like the color but I’m not sure which one I will ultimately choose.  I think the beige makes it look more serious, which is what I’m going for, so that will probably be my final choice.   This could be a fun line.   I just have to work on my technical skills.  I don’t like codex book so much but it’s the style that fits most I think.  We’ll see what the final product will be.


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