Catching Up

I have been terribly unfaithful with blogging.  Thanksgiving break was amazing.  I was always eating, cooking, or hanging out with family, so it was hard to get to the computer.  Thanksgiving dinner was a huge success.  I made all the desserts, including the flan that received rave reviews from the family.  And if they like it, I know I did well.  Mom made her famous “estuffing” which was delicious as usual, and we made the turkey together, the first year it was cooked without the men, like Dad or Abee (Abuelo).  We seasoned it with an amazing recipe Mom found in a magazine a couple years ago, a Latin style marinade that has now become OUR family secret recipe.   I also made capuchinos again.  I’m trying to perfect the recipe. Break went by so quickly, and it was so sad to leave my aunt and uncle and my adorable cousin Hayley.  She’s grown so much over the last several months since I saw her and it sucks that I’m probably only going to get to see her once a year.

This past week has been tough since I had three final papers and two finals.  I’m two finals away from going home, and I can’t wait.  I’ve been watching way too much food network and I’m dying to get back to the kitchen.  I’m going to experiment with the capuchinos again, try to see if I can find a way to make the correct cone shape and spiking the sugar syrup with liqueur.  I’m also going to try a coconut flan and some Christmas cookie recipe I found in the old Spanish cookbook we have.  I’m definitely going to have to do a lot of working out to counterbalance the holiday goodies I’ll be making.

Since my finals aren’t til Tuesday and Wednesday, today I was free to do whatever I wanted, the first time in a long time I had that freedom.  So, I got out the paper, glue, and paint, and played.  Here’s what I whipped up:

Stick Figure Notepads

Here’s a better look at my illustrations:


I love the little illustrations because they’re cute and a little sad at the same time.  I might keep working on them and making variations, perhaps for a line of notepads or journals.  These are just simple notepads held together with glue.  One of the things I’m unhappy about is that I don’t have a paper cutter so my pages are very uneven.  It’s something I’ll have to work on.

Marlene Dietrich Notebook

This is a coptic stitch notebook I made using corrugated cardboard and various types of paper for the inside.  The cool-looking lady is Marlene Dietrich; I found this photo in a magazine and I’ve been dying to use it.  The black around her I painted myself.  Corrugated cardboard is definitely not ideal for books, but it’s better than nothing.  Again I had the issue of uneven pages and I’m running out of paper to use for the text block.  Also, I kinda just winged it with the coptic stitch so there’s some technical errors; it’s also hard to get the binding tight.  I have to be more careful with gluing too.   You can’t see it in the photo, but there’s unfortunate glue marks on the cover.  …I just realized half this paragraph is self-criticism and not very interesting to read…Ah, well, this blog is a way for me to work out my thoughts and criticisms and needed improvements for my crafts anyway, even if it’s not too entertaining.

Since I’ve become obsessed with Etsy, I’ve been equally obsessed with the idea of having my own shop.  I know I have to slow down though and refine my work and style before setting up shop.  My style is a little eccentric so far.  It varies to the classic to the modern and graphic like the ones in this post.  I just have to keep working at it.  Another part of the obsession of having my own shop is seeing if I can start my own business.  I’ve decided to take some business classes next semester because the idea of having my own business really appeals to me…but we’ll see what happens.


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