I was right.  My mom threw out the cigar boxes.  I also realized by looking through Etsy that my “innovative” idea for them has been done before–not the same exact way granted, but it was a little bit of a let down.  I may still try my idea out if I can get my hands on a box.  My mom suggested I start smoking cigars. : D

Anyway, since most of my big stuff before Thanksgiving break has been taken care of (an exam and presentation) I’ve been cooking up some books.  Last week was my last book arts class, which was very sad but I got to take a ton of unused paper with me, enough for hours and hours of fun. >:D  Emily, my teacher, is going to do a book class next semester with more emphasis on mixed media books, using found objects and unique materials.  I’m definitely going to take it.

The last book we made was a star/tunnel book.  It’s made of three layers, the first two of which are cut through in an interesting way to reveal the back layer.  I was skeptical when I first started but then I printed cows on my back layer and it made it all better.  Here it is:

Open - each fold has a cow...
...and when viewed from this angle, two cows make one cow!
...and when viewed from this angle, two cows make one cow!

It turned out better than I thought.  It’s a quirky, fun kind of book.  : )  Click continue to see what else I’ve made:

I made this book out of a picture my mom found in a magazine and used a japanese stab bind to stitch it together.   I love this binding–it’s so pretty!

Old English Illustration Notebook

These next two little notepads I made out of paper scraps and painted a little illustration for each cover.  The inside is a nice bright blue from old Habitat fliers.



This one I put together today.  I painted plain cream-colored card stock and roughly hand-tore the paper inside for an interesting effect.

Button-hole bookButton-hole book

That’s all for now.  I’m trying to create or conceptualize something everyday and I’ve been doing pretty well so far.


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