Cigar Art

I randomly recalled the stacks and stacks of old empty cigar boxes my dad used to have behind the bar in our house.  My brother and I used to take some to build houses for our toys, mini disney character figures and “their” pokemon.  I remember how great they smelled–a woodsy comforting aroma I loved.   I’ve come up with an innovative idea for them, but unfortunately I haven’t seen them in years.  I texted my dad and asked him what happened to them but he said he doesn’t know and to ask Mom.  I fear that she threw them all out since she’s the opposite of a packrat.  I’m going to call her later and ask because I really want to use them.

Anyway, this led me to do a preemptive search on cigar boxes on the internet and found beautiful images of cigar box labels and cigar bands.  I can’t wait to get my hands on at least one box I can manipulate for my crafty purposes! >:D  There’s plenty of images on the internet but here’s a few I liked.

Various Cigar Bands
Various Cigar Bands
Santa loves cigars
Santa loves cigars


There’s a huge varied collection of labels and bands out there that are really cool.  I encourage a google image search to see more.


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