I haven’t written a post in over a month, so I’m going to be so egotistical as to think I need to update my imaginary readers, so here goes:

  • Have made no more subversive attacks on Rand.  Unless you count that one brunch, when a manager told me I couldn’t take my french toast sticks out of the cafeteria and I proceeded to walk out happily munching on their crunchy syrupy goodness.  What are they gonna do, call security?
  • I did cook moros y cristianos at Ryan’s apartment a month ago to teach him how to do it, but I forgot to put garlic and under-seasoned it.  Severely disappointed and feared I’d lost my touch.  I regained my powers, however, when I cooked some awesome non-coned-shaped capuchinos over fall break and Dad said they were awesome.  (He used to work in a bakery so it’s a big compliment.)
  • My apathy towards school has not quite been cured, but I thought I had come to some conclusions a couple weeks ago:  I don’t really want to work in an office “when I grow up” so I was reconsidering book-publishing.  I know I would have more fun running my own business, like a bookshop or a bakery, since I used to play store a lot when I was little.  So I began fantasizing of going to pastry school after Vanderbilt, Katrina Markoff being my inspiration, but the guilt about “wasting” a four-year education got to me.  Then I thought, well, how about I drop Spanish, and add a business minor, but I don’t know if I should.  Oh, then, I thought, well, since I’m so into making books, maybe the production side of book publishing would be more suited for me than editorial.  And now we have come full circle, but without true conclusions.  I have a lot to think about…
  • Which reminds me, Ryan is now in culinary school and I’m really proud of him but totally jealous. : D …I’m living vicariously through him and it’s feeding those pastry school dreams.
  • Uh, what else…oh, yeah:  my brother kicks artistic ass.  He went to a portfolio review for several schools and Chicago basically told him all he has to do is fill out the application.
  • Thanksgiving break is two weeks away and you can bet your bottomdollar, whatever the hell that is, that I’m going to gain 50 pounds cooking fattening delicious crap everyday.

So there it is.  All I can think of right now.  Now here is a picture to make you mouth water:

Capuchino - cake drowned in a sugar syrup

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