Arroz con leche from my dorm kitchen

As I was reorganizing this blog today, I got a major craving for arroz con leche.  So, after dinner I went to Kroger to get some stuffs.  I have to say, I LOVE food shopping.  The aisles of goodies, imagining the possibilities, the CHEESE section.  My idea of a fun outing would be browsing Whole Foods for a couple hours.  I just like it.  A lot.  Anyway, I got stuff for the arroz con leche and a few things to make decent rice and beans.  Kroger, however, had NO cumin–not for the arroz con leche of course but for the rice and beans.  Well, they had the fancy-brand  “finely crushed cumin seeds” but I’m not paying 7 dollars for something I can get at a Hispanic market for a dollar. They also had no cinnamon sticks so that was out.  I got brown rice instead of white because I didn’t want to be eating white rice with my rice and beans; that’s probably where it began to go wrong.

I got back and soaked the rice for about an hour.  My mom soaks it overnight, but, alas, my impatience wouldn’t allow it.  So strike one.  I only have a small saucepan so I had to figure out how to reduce the recipe, but I’m pretty sure it was unsuccessful.  Strike two, three, four, etc.

The grains ended up not soft enough.  The flavor of the lime peels is unpleasantly strong.  And though I love condensed milk, maybe the proportion wasn’t right…so all in all, it was a FAIL.  The only positive is that the kitchen downstairs smells amazing right now.  So unfortunately I wasted a batch of what could have been good arroz con leche but at least the waste only amounts to about 3-4 dollars, not too bad.


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