Back to School…Sort of & Immortalized in Art

I’m all moved into my dorm and have started my new job as a Reeve (i.e. dorm sentinel), but since classes haven’t started I am quite bored and have been finding random things to occupy my time.  Yesterday for example, I made a blank journal using some leftover cardboard from move-in and a Whole Foods bag (best store ever).  It’s a little shoddy, but I’m pretty proud of myself.  I’ve been looking up a lot of book-binding and altered books projects on and I’m getting really inspired, even fantasizing of making my own line of super-pretty handmade journals and selling them.  I’m also waging a war with the odor of mildew still lurking in my fridge after repeated attempts to deodorize it.  You see, Ryan was using it and when he stopped he didn’t leave the door ajar so it wouldn’t get all mildewy.  Now I have a stubbornly stinky fridge that makes me lose my appetite for anything in it.  I’m still considering getting the $90 fridge in the bookstore because I really can’t stand it.

I bought a bunch of groceries at Kroger the day I moved in, half of which I won’t eat.  Among the things I have been eating are ramen noodles (of course) which I occasionally spike with tofu (but that’s kept in my fridge so I unconciously shy away from it), baked sweet potatoes, peanut butter sandwiches, and oatmeal.  No cuban food yet but now I find myself craving it.  Besides, I promised the cleaning lady on our floor that I would cook her some.  :D  The kitchen in my building, however, has absolutely no supplies and neither do I.  So I need to buy some, and spending more money is not something I want to do right now, considering I’m already in a bit of debt.  We’ll see.

In other news, my talented artist of a brother created a piece about me for AP Art and included quotes from this very blog!  Here it is (Click for larger photo):


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