I really don't want to be here right now…

Yesterday, the amigas had a “surprise” homecoming party for Angela who just got back from her adventure in France.  I made little chocolate cupcakes with a French flag of sprinkles on each (that’s the project I was referring to in the last post).  They turned out really cute and tasty.  Angela had a wonderful time in France and hearing her stories multiplied my wanderlust by infinity.  I really want to leave the country now.  However, I will have to cope with the fact that I will be in the country for some time longer…*sigh*  I’ll have to find adventures here.

Today, we (Me, Morgan, Angela, and Lisa) are going to the big band festival in Nashville tonight.  It’ll be our last hurrah before the semester since I leave Tuesday and Morgan leaves Thursday.  We usually go to the Shakespeare festival together but since that doesn’t start for another couple of weeks this will be a nice substitute (and a good opportunity to break in my new white fedora :D).  I don’t have much to write about right now since my cooking has severely declined.  And we’ll see how that fares when I go to school in a couple of days.


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