God, no more sugar please…

So last week my sweet tooth went into overdrive.  I randomly made cheesecake lemon bars.  I bought a fine bar of chocolate.  I made MORE dulce de leche.  And I basically ate constantly.  As a result, now the thought of anything sweet and heavy makes me sick.  The past couple days I’ve had basically no appetite but have been eating small, light veggie/fruit based meals, which is probably great for my health anyway so hopefully I’ll keep it up.  Since I haven’t been up for heavy foods I haven’t been cooking the usual cuban fare of rice and beans so I’ll have to search for lighter options.  I think I just burned out on it a bit.  Something that is a Cuban staple but still sounds good right now is aguacate (avocado!), and it’s healthy.  But since I can’t eat an avocado by itself (well, actually I can, quite easily, but it doesn’t make much of a meal…) I’ll need to look for  recipes.

In Memories of a Cuban Kitchen, Mary Urrutia Randelman writes that “green salads and vegetables were not a common part of Cuban cuisine” due to the influence of 1950s American cuisine that championed canned vegetables and fruit over fresh (thanks Uncle Sam).  So salad meant ham or chicken salad made with mayonnaise and “fruit salad” was made of fruit cocktail.  Lettuce leaves were mainly used as garnish.  Popular vegetables in Cuba were were avocado, boniato (white sweet potato), yuca, calabaza (West Indian pumpkin), malanga and so on.  Radishes, eggplant, and okra are also sometimes used.  Also salads are hardly used as a main dish but rather as a complement to other dishes.  I’m looking through the recipes which range from traditional to her own creations and there’s actually an avocado and mango salad, which sounds weird enough to be intriguing (there’s also an avocado and pineapple salad.)  I’d like to give it a try but I actually have an cooking assignment, but I can’t say what it is because it’s a surprise for *someone* and I don’t want to ruin it if *someone* actually reads this.

In other news I had my last day of work yesterday so I’m free until next Tuesday when I have to move into my dorm, the thought of which freaks me out.  I can’t believe it’s already here.  I was excited before but…where did my summer go?  I’m trying not to think about it too much but I’ve got to start preparing so it’s inevitable.  Also, I turn 20 on Sunday.  Finally, I’m leaving my teenage years behind.  It’s corny but I can’t wait to tell people I’m 20.  Makes me feel so grown-up!  (Which is probably an indicator that I’m actually not…;P) Ah well.  I going to continue working on a little project I’ve started, a little mirror compact with a vintage photo on the cover. Adios.


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