NJ/NYC, here we come!

So, as the title states, I will be in New Jersey in about a week.  Am I excited?  Hell yes.  I got the days off work no problem.  God I can’t wait to be done with that place.  I don’t want to explain why.  Anyway…I’m looking forward to the trip.  Daniel’s got his appointment at the school Thursday, so I imagine that day we’ll do some stuff around NYC.  He wants to see a lot of art, which I have no problem with, but I really only have two goal:  eat real NY pizza and eat one of those awesome street hotdogs.  (Figures my goals would be food-based.)  Other than that I don’t really know what we’ll do.  Doesn’t matter.  It will be nice to get out of state for the first time in years.  (God, I just realized that.  I’ve been stranded in TN for years. That’s depressing…)  It’s been forever since I’ve been on a plane.  I’ve only been once and I was REALLY little so all I remember is coloring in my chair, and who knows, I could have made that up.  (Funny how people make up memories.)

I’ll add the arroz con leche recipe to the recipes tab.  I haven’t really cooked anything interesting since then; haven’t felt like it really.  I may need to get reinspired.  I got a little burned out on rice and beans and picadillo.  I need to find something else to cook.  I’m not even craving that many sweets.  It’s weird…

Oh—Mom just called me into the kitchen.  She’s making red beans for tomorrow (though I might have some later anyway :D).  Making red beans without the rice is pretty simple.  If you use dried beans you have to soak them overnight or use a pressure cooker.  If you use canned beans I imagine you just heat it up.  You flavor it with the sofrito which consists of the onions, bell pepper, garlic, tomato sauce, cooking wine, cumin, salt, pepper, etc, sauteed in a pan which you then add to the beans and cook.  Actually, that reminds me, there’s a recipe for habichuelas con dulce (sp?) which is a dessert made with beans, yes beans.  It’s actually a Dominican dish I believe.  Sounds incredibly intriguing right now.  There we go.  I’ve found some inspiration!


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