Arroz con leche–uh, maybe not…

Monday.  That means another work week.  How I would love to be absolutely lazy and sleep til noon and do whatever I please.  Of course, I would not love being absolutely broke.  There IS a limit on my credit card after all.  Here’s some news: I may be going to NJ next week.  Daniel wants to visit the School of Visual Arts in NY and he’s been bent on going to NJ for months and months.  It’s annoying actually.  The problem is that I feel bad if I take off too many days of work.  But I deserve a vacation right?  I’m just a college student answering phones, not like an office manager or anything, right?  Anyway, I have to talk to dad about when he’s booking the flight.  Daniel’s already made an appointment with them so we better act quick.  I’m excited, I think.  I’m trying to get past the work-guilt and the parents-spending-that-much-money-guilt to be excited.  In truth, I don’t really know what we’re even gonna do, besides tour the school.  Tia and Padrino have the baby now so it’s not like we can do whatever we want.  In a way, I’m actually not so excited yet.  *sigh*  I’m not Catholic but I certainly inherited the guilt.  Whatever.

Now that I’ve been silly-emo, let me tell you about arroz con leche, or rice pudding…Oh, I’m so tired…I’ll write about it tomorrow…


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