Arroz con lentejas

Today I made another rice and beans combo (they’re really easy and I’m getting good at it), rice with lentils.  The directions in Memories of a Cuban Kitchen told me to cook the lentils for 45 min but it made them way too soft.  They cook so fast I may be able to just cook them with the rice, but I’ll have to test it next time.  I’ve never had lentil beans but the meal turned out great.  Dad thought it was absolutely delicious, so that made me really proud of myself.  He’s kinda the “chef” in the family, always experimenting with food, so it means a lot.  Actually, he cooked fish for the meal.  His friend caught a red snapper when he went finishing in Florida and gave him part of it.  It was actually very good, even though I’m not a fan of fish.

The gazpacho turned out good, but it would have been so much better with fresher ingredients.  It’s also not filling enough to have as a meal.  A good summer recipe though since it’s so light.  Tomorrow I’m making rice and beans for me and Ryan.

Oh, I’m too tired to continue…I’ve actually kept up with my workouts and I’m getting verrry sleepy and terribly uninteresting.  Buenas noches.

Edit:  After mom had praised my cooking she said, “Ahora se puede casar.”  Translation: Now you can get married. ; p


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